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State Rep. Hugh D. Shine is a dedicated public servant for Bell County & Texas. Through his service, Texas has increased efforts to secure the border, supported police, strengthened education, and fought for teachers. He is also a leading voice on property tax relief and reform. 


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Hugh Shine delivers for Bell County!

Securing the Border 

Hugh Shine has delivered more than $12 billion for border security. This includes building 100+ miles of border wall. He also passed laws to crack down on human trafficking and drug smuggling.

Protecting Children

Hugh Shine has delivered priority bills to protect our children and grandchildren. This includes banning drag shows, banning gender modification surgeries, and keeping vulgar materials out of shool libraries.

Property Taxes 

Hugh Shine delivered an $18 billion property tax relief package that includes $100,000 homestead exemptions and a tax cut, plus more accountability on local appraisal boards.

Securing Elections & Protecting our Rights

Hugh Shine has passed laws that make it "Easy to Vote, Hard to Cheat" in Texas elections, including increasing the penalty for voter fraud.

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Hugh Shine is a former aviation brigade commander flying life-saving missions.


Hugh Shine has spent more than 40 years building a successful business to help families in Bell County.

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