Hugh Shine: Experienced and Proven Leadership for Bell County

State Representative and retired US Army Colonel Hugh D. Shine has represented the same area on two separate runs, returning in 2016 after securing re-election in one of the top-watched Texas House races. He returned to Austin for the 85th Legislature, with seniority that allowed him to serve on the important Ways & Means Committee, as well as a vice-chairmanship on the Business & Industry Committee.


Public service is something Hugh Shine has always revered. He was born in Houston and grew up in Navasota, Texas, on his family’s farm in the community of Lynn Grove. He attended Sam Houston State University on a US Army ROTC scholarship, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant.


Hugh Shine with his wife Debbie and children David Shine, Kelly Johnson and Hannah Shine. Hugh lives in Temple with his wife and their three dogs, two horses and one stubborn mule.

Upon completing his officer basic training at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, he was selected and graduated from the U.S. Army Aviation School in Ft. Rucker, Alabama, becoming a rotary-wing aviator. Shine served an overseas tour in South Korea and returned to Texas serving at Ft. Hood to complete six years of active duty before joining the Texas Army NationalGuard. Shine completed 30 years of military service, received a Masters Degree in Strategic Studies from the US Army War College, was a Master Army Aviator and retired at the rank of Colonel after commanding the 49th Armored Division’s Aviation Brigade.


Units of the Brigade during his command were deployed to Bosnia, Iraq and other parts of the world theater. Aviation units under Colonel Shine’s command responded to State Active Duty assignments on the Texas border, across the State of Texas performing drug interdiction missions with state and local law enforcement, providing helicopter support during floods and assisting with firefighting.


The Aviation Brigade under Shine’s command was also selected by National Guard Bureau in Washington DC, the Department of the Army and the Department of the Navy to conduct a joint training exercise with the 3rd Fleet, Naval Operations in San Diego, California.


Colonel Shine began the planning and coordination of the operation with Naval leaders nearly a year before executing the exercise. The exercise known as JSHIP was initiated by the U.S. Navy to evaluate the joint operations of a U.S. Army Aviation unit operating in conjunction with a Naval LHA carrier.


The aviation brigade consisting of Blackhawk, Apache and Chinook helicopters, an infantry battalion and logistic support assets deployed cross country to San Diego and conducted simulated day and night combat operations aboard the USS Tarawa, San Clemente Island and the Pacific Ocean for two weeks without an incident or accident.

Shortly after leaving active duty Shine began his 33-year financial services career in Temple and continues to serve clients in Central Texas as a financial advisor and branch manager.


Shine’s first experience in public office occurred when he was elected to the Temple City Commission where he served as Mayor-Pro Tem. He became the first-ever elected Republican to the State Legislature in Bell County since the end of the Civil War, winning a special election and elected to two additional terms.


Shine served on the House Judiciary Committee and the Budget and Oversight Subcommittee and the Labor and Employment Committee. In his second full term as a sophomore representative, he was named Vice-Chairman of the Labor and Employment Committee and also served on the House Corrections Committee.


President Ronald Reagan through a Presidential Appointment selected Representative Shine to serve on his Inter-Governmental Advisory Committee on Education in Washington DC. President George Bush (41) reappointed Shine for an additional two years upon being elected President of the United States.Upon leaving public office in 1991, Shine continued building his financial services career, completed a Masters in Business Administration from Baylor University and a graduate certificate from the Executive Education Program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and continued his career in the Texas Army National Guard.


Shine has continued his public service over the past 20 years serving the Temple community in different capacities as a board member and chairman of municipal boards, commissions and the Temple Chamber of Commerce.


Hugh D. Shine’s experience as a community public servant, an elected public servant with successful municipal and legislative experience, proven military leadership and over 30 years of successful business experience is the most experienced individual to serve as our next State Representative for District 55, representing Temple, Belton, Troy, Little River-Academy, Rogers, Holland, Bartlett, portions of Killeen-Fort Hood and East Bell County.


“The response I am receiving from the community in my decision to seek the office of State Representative has been humbling,” said Shine. “The outpouring of support financially and the commitment people are making to our campaign is overwhelming.”


“I have always believed that next to faith and family, serving your country and serving your community is the highest calling,” Shine stated.