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Why are SuperPACs and MegaDonors attacking
Hugh Shine?

Since 2016, billionaire MegaDonors have been attempting to steal Bell County's seat in the Texas House. Hugh Shine stood in their way and defeated the candidate who was a puppet for West Texas oil barons. 

Now, they are coming after Hugh Shine again because he refuses to carry water for the MegaDonors and SuperPACs working from Washington, D.C. and North Texas. Hugh Shine has fought for and delivered victories for Bell County, including its schools.

This page will help answer questions about the lies and attacks being lobbed at Hugh Shine by these SuperPACs that have no ties to Bell County or its communities.

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FACT:  Hugh Shine successfully passed a stand-alone bill that increased teacher salaries across the state. Pro-voucher Republicans killed the bill by attaching a voucher program to it during the regular session.

FACT:  Hugh Shine delivered the additional funding in the 2023 budget. Pro-voucher Republicans blocked that funding from being released when they failed to pass a stand-alone funding bill.

FACT:  Pro-voucher Republicans killed the education funding bill after the $7.3 billion voucher program was removed from the bill.

Click here to read more about what really happened with "the vote that never happened" on education.

Hugh Shine voted against teacher pay raises and school funding

Hugh Shine voted to give taxpayer dollars to gender transitions for children

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FACT:  Hugh Shine co-authored and passed a law (SB 14) banning gender transition procedures for minors during the 2023 regular session.

FACT:  Hugh Shine voted against an unnecessary amendment on a bill related to grant funding for children receiving treatment for suicidal ideation and mental or behavioral health issues.

Why was the amendment unnecessary? The passage of SB 14 already bans all gender transition surgeries and treatments for minors in Texas.

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FACT: Hugh Shine left state office in 1990 after delivering Conservative victories and serving in President Ronald Reagan's administration.

FACT: Hugh Shine has spent far more time serving his country (30 years in the U.S. Army and Army National Guard) than he has as a state representative.

FACT: Hugh Shine has real-world experience working with Texas DPS and US Border Patrol agents on border security missions, including flying drug-interdiction missions in coordination with local law enforcement.

FACT: Hugh Shine fought to establish a Republican Party in Bell County and won a historic election as the first Republican elected since Reconstruction to represent Bell County in Austin. In his two separate terms, he has delivered historic Conservative policies to protect life, strengthen 2nd Amendment rights in Texas, and build the 8th largest economy in the world.

Hugh Shine has been in office since 1985 and done nothing for Bell County

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Who is paying for these attacks on Hugh Shine?

What started in 2016 as a single PAC from West Texas bent on controlling the Texas Legislature has now morphed into a nationwide attempt to control Texas politics.

Read more about the West Texas billionaires who have built a SuperPAC outside of Fort Worth that operates many small PACs (you've seen there attacks above) under the funding from one organization: Defend Texas Liberty, now known as Texans United for a Conservative Majority. 

There also is a MegaDonor from Washington, D.C. who is funding a new PAC that is attacking pro-Public Education champions like Hugh Shine. Read more about that here.

For more than 40 years, Hugh Shine has lived and worked in Bell County while serving his country, building a small business, and raising a family. It's the reason he has more than 500 endorsements from Bell County voters this election. He's from here.

Because he has a strong record and a history of serving the community, his opponents are attacking his record with vicious lies. These attacks are being funded by MegaDonors who don't live in Bell County and have no ties to our communities. They want your taxdollars.

Hugh Shine has stood in the way of special interests to deliver important victories for Bell County. This includes a historic property tax cut and record funding for Border Security.

Why are they attacking him now? Because it's the last resort of losing campaigns when they know they can't win on policy or personality. As they say in the military, "when you're taking flak, you're right over the target."

Why now?
Why are these lies and attacks being spread right now?

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