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Support Bell County foster kids with Christmas in July fundraiser

Christmas in July is a fundraising project created by Foster Love Bell County to help meet the needs of the 550+ children in the foster care system along with those that love and care for them, within Bell County.

Throughout the month of July, Christmas trees will be set up in various businesses and churches throughout our community. Donation ornaments are attached and a tax deductible donation can be made online, or mailed in. This year we are thrilled to have 28 churches and businesses that have partnered with us.

These funds will be used all throughout the year to meet various needs, and to set up programs for kids in care with specific interest on those in the PAL program (preparation for adult living), those aging out of care, and those in transitional living. As a Board we've seen there aren't many resources, programs or support for these young ones, ages 16-21, as they begin to transition into adulthood.

We have also chosen caseworker care as one of our focus areas. did research on caseworker turnover and not only how much that costs the state each year, but also how it directly impacts permanency for children in care. For this reason, along with genuinely caring about them as people, we felt it important to link arms with them and offer love and support.

Hopefully this fundraiser will allow us to meet some of these needs, and any more that arise as we seek to serve children, families--both foster and bio, and caseworkers in Bell County.

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