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Pastor Gary DeSalvo serves as Pastor of the Day at Capitol

Today, we had the honor of hosting Gary DeSalvo as Pastor of the Day for the Texas Legislature. I am thankful for his years of service, teaching and leadership at Temple Bible Church, as well as his friendship. Here is his prayer from today's invocation on the House Floor:

"Let's pray together. Father, it is with grateful hearts that we convene here today. We are grateful for the privilege of representing those who placed us in office. We're grateful for the great nation which we are privileged to live in and the freedom we enjoy. Grateful for those who secure that freedom for us. Many pay the ultimate price for that freedom.

We're grateful, Father, for the great state that we're privileged to call home and the opportunity to serve her and fellow citizens. Father, today we are grateful for the freedom we have to worship, to pray, to call upon you to guide us through this day. In the name of Christ we pray, Amen."

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