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Holiday travel reminder: Move Over or Slow Down

On Thursday, several agencies representing first responders, state troopers, Bell County law enforcement, TxDOT, and tow truck operators gathered for a press conference along Interstate 35 to remind holiday travelers to be alert when driving on Texas roads.

The "Move Over or Slow Down" promotion was an effort to spread awareness about a state law passed in 2003 and strengthened in 2011 to protect safety officials working accidents and construction along Texas highways.

"We can try to increase the safety aspect of driving during the next 15 days of the holidays when there's an enormous amount of traffic out there for people to move over and slow down to try to protect more of our first responders across the state of Texas," Rep. Shine said.

As a reminder, drivers are required to move a lane away from any first responder working on the side of the road or slow down 20 mph below the posted speed limit.

State troopers and local police added they will continue to enforce the Slow Down or Move Over law which could equate to a fine up to $200.

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