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Hugh Shine is the true

local candidate for Dist. 55

Tyler-Brooke and Matt Naegele

Mike Pilkington

Lindsey and Todd Strait

Johnnie Dickson

Dan Volney

Lauren and Robby Brisbin

Raymond Hunt

John Howe

Jennifer Davis

Sandi Wood

Cathy and John Pershall

JoAnn and Phil Leibowitz

Nathan Standfield

Mike Halabi

Dale Craymer

Vira Chudasma

Commander John Potts

Robert Pulte

Heidi Couchman

Deann and Kenny Martin

Ellen Brien

Rita and Mike Hurd

Greg Gilkerson

Lynnsay and HB Macey, IV

Barbara and Jimmy Burtchell

Randy Ramsey

Madeline and Derek Marshall

James Van Ness

Greg Rhoads

Bonnie and Marty Kent

Debbie and Neale Potts

Karen Lairmore

Belinda Pulte

Sharon Wilson

John Payssee

Adam Soorholtz

Phil Davis, DDS

Lamar Collins

Amanda and Jacob Ferrell

Katy and Robbie Jonnson

Amanda Pulte

Colleen and Lamar Lewis

Monica Mikeska

Karen Reagan

Emily and Issac Cooper

Ray Severn

Abbey and John O'Brien

Harry Adams

Florence and Dean Mikeska

Kelli and Chris Johnson, MD

Judy and Mack Parker

Jerry Cabaniss

Kay and Craig Pearson

Sheryl Goodnight

Susan Long

Lisa and Steve Niemeier

Suzanne and John Kiella

Bill Barge

Regina and Faron Phinney

Barbara Cardinal-Sorge

Marla and Tim Truitt, MD

Jennifer Smith

Guy Fowler

Dennis and Diane Arwood

Matt Betros

Amy and Steve Dobos

Jamie and Jason Carothers

Sharon Roark Walters

Marcus Sosa, MD

Becky and Kenny Paysse

Kara Mayfiefld

Becky and Eldon Zavodney

Marie and Tom O’Neal

Jacque Wells

Grover Campbell

Cathy and Joe Kiefer

Susan Kolodziejczyk

Cari Starritt-Burnett

Brian Nelson

Ty and Sarah Taggart

Greg Rhoads

Susan Carroll

Mary Helen and Tyler Johnson

Sherri and Michael Woytek

Allison Dickson

Melissa and Patrick Mullins

Janet and David Leigh

Rachel and Patrick Johnson

Sheila Norman

Margaret Muhlman

Adam Bossen

Betsy and Mark Jermstad

Spencer Smith

Scott Barfield

David and Arlynda Roush

Debbie and Todd Gorden, MD

Theresa Grunke Reese

Lucinda Saxon

Deb Swift-Alejandro

Gina Wiener

Gus Gates, DDS

Lindsay and Allen Rosenbaum

Tony Gallagher and Meagan Humphries

Debbie and Ralph Sheffield

Dianne and Dennis Arwood

Alfred Shneider

Connie and Bob Spiegel

Thelma Huston

Tammy Beevers

Dane and D'Ann Legg

Ray Martinez

David E Pitt

Talma and Richard Botts

Brian Garrison

Jack Hilliard

Julie Thomas Layton

Betty Thrasher

Sue Hamby

Louie Flores

Allison and Brett Turner

Bonnie and Ron Casmer

Todd Weber

Trey and Julie Gallaway

Charles Lucko

Netsy and Dacen de LaPaz

Bonnie and Billy Conway

Betty and Dennis Connell

Rosa L Hernandez

Josephine Green Wilhelm

Jerry Tyroch, Jr.

Mary Black Pearson

Harry Macey

Brandon Bozon

Belinda Cole Thomas, MD

Scott Thomas, MD

Bob McQueen

Dawn Sears, MD

Will Sears

Nikki and Chuck Sapp

Tyler and Daron Jermstad

LouGail Armstrong

Nicole and Justin Hernandez

Melissa and Sam Fulcher

Mary Ann and Dan Jones

Jan and Marty Janczak

Cheryl Hinckley and Charlie Llewellyn

Jim Richardson

Betty and Gene Engbrock

Sharon Childers Tomlinson

Rachel and Jeff Holman

Judy and Edwin Pechal

Bill Hardin

Ali and Todd Thompson

Patti and Terry Humphrey

Janice and Bill Holmes

Garlyn Shelton

Sherry and Gerald Drews

Kim and Brent LaCanne

Jimmy Widmer, MD

Shannon Gowan

Mary Jane & Blair Williams

Rosa L. Hernandez

Drayton McLane Jr

Gayle and Leo Conger

Gary Schmidt

Melissa Tyroch Bragg

Elmer Don Williams

Carolyn and Wendell Williams

Susie and David Marek

LaGay and Randy Pittenger

Marie Eslik

Kevin Cooper

Mary and Henry Jezek

Gopal Guttikonda, MD

Raymond Smith

Billy Martone

Tom Ray

Grady Rosier

Doris and Walt Tomlin

Stephanie and Patrick Tomasek

Marsha Jones

Rod Houston

Benita and Rod Henry

Britt and Seanna Williams

Cindy and Jude Arisco, DDS

Beth and John Holmes

Julie and Chuck Haag

Debbie and Will Morris, IV

Elizabeth and William Hibbard

Cindy and Thomas Baird

Juli and Jared Bryan

Michelle and Bill DiGaetano

Diane and Jack Crews

R Griffin Lord

Cheryl and Henry Garza

Linda Schumann

Lee Hubbard

Debbie and Tristan Mabry

Gail and Andre Avots, MD

Henrietta Green Miller

Bridget Knight

Carol and Billy Smetana

Mysti Ramsey

Connor Leigh

Willie Roy and Sharon Stermer

Allen Roark

Carol and Brian Nelson

Jessica and Bruce Walker

Sheri and Derrick Hunt

Lanette and Brad Wyrick

Justine and Ryan Smith

Debbie and Bob Browder

Jeffrey Harford

Larry Wilkerson

Virginia Feaster

Kathy and Todd Denton

Carwin Smith

Mary Jane Douglas

Beverly and Larry Luedke

Julie and Steve Ruiz, MD

Janice Barnes

Sally and Lee Armstrong

Gregory Davis

Ann and Bill Messer

Nikki Krauskopf Mayo

Donna and Steve Wright

Loretta and Edward Coufal

Brooke Loftis Ellmore

Lori Honeycutt

Donya and Doug McNeese

Brian Reinhardt

Megan and Scott Kiella

Ashton Thomas

Eva Marie and Jim Tranum

Perry Cloud

AP Brashear IV

Susan and David Fergus

Kay Welch-Hirill

Jennifer Weir

Ike Shaw

Katie and Kevin Bonner

Mike and Teresa Lockett

Michael and Liz Ball

When you have lived and served a community for 40 years, you tend to make a few friends and cultivate some positive relationships. State Representative Hugh Shine has done just that. Unlike his opponents, the majority of his campaign contributions come from voters who live in District 55.


Hugh also has the endorsement of more than 300 Bell County residents who come from various professional backgrounds. The common thread is they all work together to make Bell County the best place to live, work and raise a family in Texas. Here is the list of Hugh's 2018 Bell County Endorsements:


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